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  • Sck1
  • Part of the Nalij Productions crew, Sck1 plans to spearhead the ragga and jungle sounds on cosmic radio. With years of experience and crates of vinyl, Sck1 is going to throw down some serious tunes. Look here for your weekly percussion and bass fix.

  • 0h85
  • Previously producing great hiphop as sitrealm, 0h85 will be giving us a weekly taste of the footwork/160 world straight from the ‘burgh. Tune into this weekly if you want to get a solid dose of exclusives. Read more about and listen to 0h85 here

  • Jaque Jammàn
  • Composer, multi-instrumentalist, and co-founder of cosmic sound Jacque will be providing weekly immersions into the vast realm of world music, while also exploring the experimental side of improvisation, and supplying a consistent dose of funky jams. He also heads up a jazz show on Jacksonville’s WAVQ radio Sunday mornings from 10am-12pm.

  • Luxury Elite
  • Neon Nights is a weekly showcase of vaporwave, synthwave, new age, and more hosted by Luxury Elite. –”imagery of Times Square, Las Vegas, downtown Tokyo, etc. Lots of lights, lots of action, lots of advertising”
    see more of Lux here bandcamp facebook.

  • Aural Science Presents The Abyss
  • Aural Science will be taking over Wednesdays at 9pm with The Abyss. Enjoy two hours of deep dance music spanning multiple genres from drum n bass, dubstep, techno, and everything else.

  • James Dussey
  • James Dussey lives a normal life. He goes to the store to buy groceries. He goes to the gym to boost his endorphins. He goes to his job where he works an honest shift. He goes, He goes… But what does he listen to? He listens to normal music, of course. Normal music for a normal diet; a normal gym session; a normal commute. Normal.
    But around 11 pm, something happens…
    He keeps it a secret. He tells nobody. The music – It isn’t normal. In fact, a normal person would be instantaneously turned off, sick, confused, and alienated the moment they glanced into the nocturnal realm of James Dussey. Inflatable love dolls covered in goats blood. Hippie midgets somersaulting into oblivion. Anorexic ballerinas dancing on origami.
    This music caters to freaks – freaks like you…
    Now James Dussey has broke out of his shell and wants to share his playlist with you. Don’t be alarmed because this music is as embraceable as it is different. Inhale – force, feel, power, color… Experiment – execution, repetition… Exhale – ideas, emotions, compose, create… Join James on Cosmic Radio, Tuesdays at 11 pm, as he explores the breadth of unfamiliarity.
    Nothing is normal. Nothing is strange…

  • Void
  • Void is holding down the deep frequencies on cosmic radio. Spinning weekly sets of deep dubstep, deep techno, and other various electronic genres – this is the spot to be if you are interested in some energetic sub movement.

  • sp?dnar
  • weekly representation of what happens when you have entirely too much music. after being a member of a multitude of musical communities, the necessity to play some random and rare finds has driven me to start cosmic radio! Expect this weekly slot to be unpredictable and highly listenable.

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